A Tribute to Beauty

Artist SN truly believes that art is created to nourish the heart as well as the eye. The majority of his work is created using canvas, mixed media, charcoal, oil paints, and dried butterflies. For SN, if the subject speaks, the background becomes the melody and has the power to enhance the beauty of the subject.

Artworks by SN

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Discover your next work of art. Search by artist, collection or size.


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Summer love - mykonos 2019

Who is SN ?

SN is an artist that truly believes that art is created to nourish the eye and heart. While his earlier work focuses on photography, SN presents a new line of works, using mounted butterflies. This artwork is deepened by the energy of its medium and suggests an additional perspective of this unique artist’s passion for nature. A multidisciplinary artist, SN is now exploring drawing, charcoal, and acrylics, creating color by using butterfly installations. His three-dimensional pieces are dramatic, spiritual, tactile, and deeply moving. Each totally unique work is the epitome of SN’s integrated personality.